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Raytac Developed BT4.0 Solution Based on Nordic nRF51 Series

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.0 module maker based on Nordic nRF51822 &nRF51422 solution
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

BT4.0 Application has been widely spread dramatically.
Raytac Corporation has exerted our firmware and hardware effort to build up the solution in order to have quickly and completely response of customer's requirement.

A simple list as below refer to the achievement we have made.
(The list is updating from time to time)

1. BT4.0 Presenter Solution
2. iOS Presenter Solution
3. BT4.0 Mouse Solution
4. BT4.0 Keyboard Solution
5. BT4.0 Keyboard & Mouse Integration Solution
6. FindMe (Lost Finder) Solution
7. Heart Rate Monitor Solution
8. Blood Pressure Solution
9. Phone Alert Solution
10. Running Cadence Solution
11. Wearing Device Solution (based on MDBT40nano)



BT4.0 Mouse/Mice/Keyboard VS BT3.0 Power Consumption

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.0 module maker based on Nordic nRF51822 solution
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

They best point to apply BT4.0 (BLE) solution is "Power Saving"
Though, what is the actual difference??
This is the frequent question  what many customers are interested to know.

The below chart may help everybody to understand the difference between  BT3.0 and BT4.0 (based on Nordic nRF51822) current consumption and battery life time for mouse (mice) and keyboard.

The data listed below is just the purpose to provide as a comparison reference data based on same testing sample objectives.
Different manufacturer's products may have varied exact result and performance by individual products!

Nordic nRF51822 has both BT4.0 and 2.4GHz RF transmission mode

Raytac Corporation
Module: MDBT40, a Nordic Approved 3rd Party Module Supplier

BT4.0+RF2.4GHz Dual Mode Mouse (Mice) Released (Based on Nordic nRF51822)

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.0 module maker based on Nordic nRF51822 solution
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

Many customers are eagerly to know the implement of Mouse, Mice, Keyboard based on Nordic nRF51822.

The following article may help every one easier to understand what and how the benefit of the mouse and mice apply nRF51 solution

Quoted from:

Lenovo Released  BT4.0 / RF2.4GHz Mouse

Lenovo Group, the leading computer brand,  released the first wireless mouse with BT4.0 and RF 2.4GHz mouse all over the world. This mouse is designed based on Nordic nRF51822 SOC solution. 
This product also has 2013 Red Dot Design Award granted.

Lenovo N700 wireless mouse can be used in Windows 8 OS which has fully supported BT4.0 profile. Or can use attached USB Dongle (RF2.4GHz) to be used for the computer which are not supporting BT4.0 profile. (For example Windows 7)


Lenovo N700 will scan both BT4.0 and RF2.4GHz signal.
Lenovo Group appeals that customers can apply N700 to operates 2 computers with this single mouse mice instead of 2. The operation scenario is connecting to 1 computer which is equipped BT4.0 profile, and another one can be linked by attacned USB Dongle by 2.4GHzRF communication. 

The communication pattern (BT4.0 VS 2.4GHZ) can be commited by the switch in below picture.

Raytac BT4.0 module's MTBT40 with small size and performance is the one which is a good choice to be equipped in the mouse.

A warm reminding from Raytac
To apply this technology in mouse or keyboard application may need 2 safety certification for every country, such as FCC (USA), Telec (Japan), and CE (EU).
One wireless certificate is for BT4.0, and another one is RF2.4GHz.
(BT4.0 Declaration ID is also required)

Raytac BT4.0 module MDBT40 has both FCC and Telec safety certificates granted in module type. Thus, products which has this module installed inside does not need to spend extra cost and time for safety regulation in the development stage.
With this effort by Raytac, we do hope can help all our partners to bring an easier and quick response to the markets and end customers. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

The best and smallest BT4.0 Solution for Wearing Smart Device

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.0 module maker based on Nordic nRF51822 & nRF51422 solution
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

Wearing device such as band, bracelet which designed aimed to bring people a lighter, thinner information provider smart device.
Thus, the electronic components size become critical and essential.
Raytac recently released a module, named as MDBT40nano, based on Nordic nRF51822 with 8mm x 8.6mm, which can fit to most wearing devices.
Raytac is suggesting the design and application of MDBT40nano is based on antenna printed on FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit). Thus, customer can not only enjoy the module size benefit but also antenna efficiency.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Raytac Corporation 蓝牙4.0模块于掏宝网正式开卖 (Nordic nRF51822 Solution)

劲达国际电子有限公司(Raytac Corporation) 委托厦门浚维贸易公司于国内掏宝网销售蓝牙4.0模块, 以方便各企业的工程人员能快速便利的取得开发样品及工具

该模块使用Nordic nRF51822 Solution, 除体积小,效率好外,质量稳定与天线表现已是业界首选之蓝牙4.0应用模块
希望能藉由不断提升的服务质量, 让硬件的优异表现藉由服务软件来体现

Raytac Corporation
BT4.0 Module Supplier
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

BT4.0 藍牙4.0 藍芽4.0: 認證規範(或稱BQB規範)資料修正 - 2014/2/1後生效

藍牙4.0模組(蓝牙4.0模块)供應商 (based on Nordic nRF51822 & nRF51422 Solution)
Tel: 02-3234-0208

SIG 宣布了新的認證規範並訂於2014/2/1後生效
由於和過去的規範有些許不同, 造成許多客戶的恐慌
為方便大家更了解, 這裡將部分重要的SIG宣導事項節錄並補充如下

終端產品若是使用外購的藍牙4.0模組 (蓝牙4.0模块), 可以使用該藍牙模組模块的生產公司的Declaration ID嗎? 有任何費用衍生嗎?
以這樣狀況說, 藍牙模組模块的生產公司會在QDID下需要一個Declaration ID.
但是, 終端產品的也需要另一組自己的Declaration ID.
換句話說, 兩者在同樣的QDID下, 都需要自己一組個別的Declaration ID

就算成品製造商已經有Declaration ID的模組或模块, 這些成品在各市場的品牌商或貼牌商也需要申請自己的Declaration ID, 除非該產品是以製造商的品牌銷售
(意即Declaration ID需依品牌商申請, 例: 同一產品, 不同品牌商, 各品牌商都須申請Declaration ID)

一個藍牙4.0模組 (模块)應用在很多產品上, 是否只要付一次Declaration ID(USD8,000)就好?後面序列的產品並不需要另外付費?
是的, 對Adopter member, 模組的Declaration ID需要USD8,000, 其後所序列的產品清單裡(Product List)只要 Compliant Portion及feature和原申請一樣, 新增的產品就不需再付費

Declaration ID VS Products List
對擁有QDID或Declaration ID的會員來說, 只要 Compliant Portion及feature和原申請一樣, 增加終端產品的品項是不用再付費的

一個Declaration ID, 只要 終端產品的Compliant Portion及feature和原申請一樣, 一個Declaration ID下面的產品清單(Product List)是可以登錄許多的產品
產品更換產品顏色, 滑鼠與鍵盤等HID輸入裝置

終端產品銷售商貨品牌商需要付Declaration 的費用嗎?
一樣的產品只要換了不同的品牌商販賣, 每一位品牌商都須申請一個各別的Declaration ID. 意即每一個品牌商各自需要負擔Declaration ID的費用

如果我們把一個已過認證的產品移除掉一個選擇性的功能, 我們還需要申請Declaration ID嗎? 
如果原始認證的設計(或稱產品)允許可以移除選擇性的功能, 會員可以新增產品在產品清單上而不需在另外付費申請新的Declaration ID.

舉例來說, 一個認證的產品(Compliant Portion)涵蓋所有的profile, 但會員只使用其中的一個profile來製做終端產品, 以這例子來說, 這個產品可以被認定符合 Compliant Portion. 所以可以增列產品在產品清單(Product List)內, 而不需另外付費申請Declaration ID.

一個藍牙4.0模組 (模块)可以是一個Compliant Portion?
一個藍牙4.0模組 (模块)可以被認定是一個Compliant Portion或是產品, 因為它也是一個可以有藍牙應用的原件;或是解釋成一個使終端產品可以有藍牙應用功能的原件

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What is the influence of new BT listing process if I am building up the products based on BT4.0 Module?

Raytac Corporation
A BT4.0 Module Supplier based on nRF51822 Solution

SIG announced the new Listing Regulation which will be effected from 2014/2/1.
As mostly BT relating products builder is outsourcing BT4.0 module to equipped, the
2014/2/1 revision will bring a different listing way.

To have simple and quick reference for all our customers, Raytac Corporation quoted and summarized SIG's reply in module's part as below

Can a third party purchase 3rd party's Bluetooth module (full board and enclosure) and implement into their product refer to that 3rd party's Declaration ID? Is there a fee for this?
In this instance, the Bluetooth module builder/supplier would create a Declaration listing (with unique Declaration ID) referencing the QDID of the module. When another Member purchases and implements the module into a Product, they would create their own Declaration listing (with unique Declaration ID) referencing the same QDID. Both Members would have their own Declaration listing and ID but reference the same QDID.

Can a module manufacturer has his listing translate for free to the end products customers?
If your customers implement your module to build a new product or represent the module as their own, they are required to complete their own Declaration listing with a unique Declaration ID.

If there is a module which been used in multiple products, is the cost $8k for the module and $0 for the products?
Essentially, yes. The fee to create a new Declaration listing referencing a new or existing QDID (e.g. module) is $8k for Adopter member. The Declaration may include multiple Products within the Product List if the same Compliant Portion is implemented in each.

Declaration ID VS Products List
If I'm the Declaration ID or QDID owner, there is no cost when I add an identical end product model, no listing fee/Declaration ID purchase is needed. 

A single Declaration ID may include multiple Products in the Product List if each Product implements the same Compliant Portion/QDID.

To change the color of the product from red to blue, do I need to pay a listing fee?
No, a single listing may include multiple products/models in the Declaration’s Product List if they implement the same Compliant Portion.

Imagine I have developed a product A and paid the listing fee. If I put that product into a product B (the Bluetooth part would stay the same), do I have to pay the fee again? If no, does it make a difference If I made product A by myself or if I brought it from someone else?
No, a single listing may include multiple products/models in the Declaration’s Product List if they implement the same Compliant Portion.
If the Member is manufacturing both Product A and B they would create unique QDID and purchase Declaration ID for Product A. Once Product A has been listed and the Member uses it to create Product B, they would add Product B to the same Declaration – one listing including two Products.

If the Member does not manufacturer Product A, Product A must first be listed with a unique QDID and Declaration ID by the original manufacturer before it may be referenced by others. Once Product A is listed, Members may create their own Declaration listing (e.g. Product B) referencing Product A’s QDID - one listing including one Product.

Finished Products Brand holder need to pay the Declaration Fee?
Members rebranding the Product as their own are required to purchase a Declaration ID and create a listing referencing the implemented QDID(s).

For Example,
We are an Adopter member and reseller of finished Bluetooth products with qualified designs. Currently we use the existing QDIDs from our suppliers to apply for EPLs at no cost. How does the new fee structure affect us?
A fee will now be applied in this scenario. Members rebranding the Product as their own are required to purchase a Declaration ID and create a listing referencing the implemented QDID(s).

Do we need a new declaration if we remove an optional feature from a qualified product?
If the Qualified Design was originally designed to allow for the removal of optional features, also known as “Subset,” then a Member company may create and reference a Subset of the design within their listing for no additional fee.

In the case which a Compliant Portion that has all profiles, but a customer that uses that only uses a subset of the profiles. Can this product be added to the list of products using this Compliant Portion?
Yes, once Members have a Declaration ID they will be able to create and reference a Subset of a Compliant Portion in their listing for no additional fee.

Is a module a compliant portion?
Yes, a module can be considered a Compliant Portion as it is the specific portions of a Product that implements the Bluetooth functionality.
A module is also considered a Product by definition: “A Compliant Portion OR an implementation of a Compliant Portion combined with any enabling technologies necessary to make or use the Product.”

A Simple Summary of BT4.0 Bluetooth Certification Listing Process & Fee Revised (effected from 2014/2/1)

Raytac Corporaiton
A BT4.0 module supplier based on Nordic nRF51822 & nRF51422 solution
Tel: +886.2.3234.0208

SIG announced the revised listing process and fee recently, and will be effected from 2014/2/1.
We have received a lot of customers' questions about this in detail.
To help all our customers have an easy and quick understanding for the revision, a simply summary is made according to SIG's document as below.

Definition of a Product
A “Product” is a Compliant Portion OR an implementation of a Compliant Portion combined with any enabling technologies necessary to make or use the Product. Enabling technologies may include, but are not limited to the form factor, semiconductor manufacturing technology, compiler technology, object oriented technology, basic operating system technology, PCB, other discrete components, application programming, interfaces, applications, or user interfaces; including the technology used to generate, display or interact with a user. For example,  in the scenario if a Member building the “machine”, which  is creating a new Product implementing a Compliant Portion and required to complete the Declaration Process.

Declaration ID
The SIG is discontinuing the QDID and replacing it with a new listing which is called as Declaration ID—applied to a member’s listing.
The Declaration ID will be a unique identifier for the declaration of compliance with the terms and conditions in the Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement and Bluetooth Patent/Copyright License Agreement. Depending on the qualified design implementation, a single listing fee needed.
The Declaration ID may include multiple products.

Declaration Pricing
The listing fee will be USD 4,000 for Associate and Promoter members and USD 8,000 for Adopter members.

Listing fee discount for small or start-up companies
SIG launched the Innovation Incentive Program for small/start-up member companies. The program allows
member companies with less than one million USD in annual revenues and no prior listings (Declarations, QDLs or EPLs) to declare a product for a special listing fee of USD 2,500.

Is the fee the same for the different Qualified Design product types; Subsystems, End Products and Components?
Every Qualified Design is required to complete the Declaration listing process. The fee to complete the process is the same for all product types.

A listing fee required when adding new features to an existing design?
Yes. Because the addition of new features is considered a design change both new QDID and Declaration ID are required.

New Qualification listing process
The Qualification process remains unchanged. Members are still required to:
1. Create new a Qualification project using the TPG
    a. Declare your supported features
    b. Check for compliance
    c. Generate Test Plan
2. Perform Qualification Testing
    a. Execute the tests according to the Test Plan using the PTS, BITE or other Member Defined test setup
    b. Generate Test Reports/Evidence
    3. List your Design/Product
    a. Upload Test Evidence
    b. Sign Declarations
    c. Submit Listing

What happens to existing EPLs?
All EPLs created prior to 1 February 2014 remain publically listed and considered to have satisfied the previous qualification marking requirements. Members are not required to create a new listing or purchase a Declaration ID for their existing EPLs.

What happens to existing QDLs 
All QDLs created prior to 1 February 2014 will remain publically listed and considered to have satisfied the
Qualification Program requirements. How members reference existing QDLs will be updated to accommodate the new listing process.
Each Qualified Design was issued a Project ID# (not previously exposed) that will now be the QDID used as reference for new product listings. Existing QDIDs will be considered a Declaration ID for reference, administration and listing management.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

BT4.0 藍牙簡報筆(簡報器)有什麼好處?

Raytac Corporation 勁達國際電子有限公司
Tel: 02-3234-0208

藍牙4.0模組, 蓝牙4.0模块供應商 


從iphone 4S以後, 有越來越多裝置配備藍牙4.0的功能
因此, 也有越來越多的人希望可以使用藍牙簡報筆, 為的就是能省掉那個常不小心丟掉的RF接收器.
其實藍牙簡報筆可以做的, 比這個還多

除了可以單純使用藍牙傳輸外, 更可以切換到無線高頻(RF)模式傳輸,
一個產品擁有兩模式(BT4.0+RF), 並可簡單輕鬆轉換

有了這樣的功能, 帶給消費者和廠商的好處, 就不只只是單純的省掉接收器了
最重要的是, 能有一隻藍牙簡報筆, 就可以應對所有的作業系統!


消費者的私人筆記型電腦是Win8系統, 但公司是使用Win7, 同時他也有一台iPad(或iPhone)

1. 使用情境: 公司電腦做簡報(作業系統: Win7)
當他使用公司電腦做簡報時, 只要將簡報器改成RF模式, 插上接收器
(Win7以前的作業系統並未配備藍牙4.0驅動程式, 所以只能用RF模式)

2. 使用自己電腦做簡報(作業系統Win 8)
不麻煩, Win8以經幫你把BT4.0的驅動程式放入系統內
直接把簡報器改成藍牙模式, 執行簡報輕而易舉

3. 出差做簡報卻只帶著iPad 或iPhone
對簡報工作來說,只要有一個VGA或 HDMI接頭, iPad 或iPhone直接可以連上電視或投影機做簡報, 方常的方便
只是, 缺點是簡報者必須站在機器旁邊用手指滑啊滑來翻頁

這對簡報這個表演工作來說, 會減少很多和聽眾的互動性, 這對簡報這個工作成效來說是一個相當嚴重的致命傷

藍牙簡報筆可以解決這個麻煩, 讓簡報者可以輕鬆坐在聽眾周圍, 既可遙控iPad 翻頁卻不失與聽眾的互動,

What the benefit for the Presenter uses BT4.0 Module?

So far, we have never seen a presenter which can work for all operation system.
With the merit of more and more devices equipped BT4.0 become popular, there are a new solution for people 

BT4.0 may bring the distinctive performance to help people solve this problem.
No matter you are using Windows, Mac or iOS, a BT4.0 presenter can let your presentation much easier.
Just bring a simple iPad or iPhone with a presenter with laser, a perfect performance can be in real

Example for the presenter in BT mode communicate with iOS system by BT4.0 solution 

Example for the presenter in RF mode communicate with Mac system by RF solution

Example for the presenter in BT mode communicate with Windows 8 by BT4.0 solution

Raytac Corporation
BT4.0 Module supplier based on Nordic nRF51822 solution

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nordic nRF51822 (單模雙工) BT4.0 VS RF2.4GHz

Nordic nRF51822的好處到底為何?

Nordic至今已是2.4GHz RF IC的翹楚
舉凡市面上無線產品, Nordic產品nRF24L01 / nRF24LE1已佔有一定比例的市占率

Nordic BT4.0 IC (nRF51822)最大的好處就是可以和過去的RF產品相容


在可相容BT4.0的產品下, 可以使用BT4.0溝通
在無BT4.0相容的環境下, 只需要一個切換開關, 即可轉為使用RF2.4GHz溝通


就nRF51822這顆Bluetooth Low Energy IC來說
他不僅維持過去Nordic RF IC低耗電高效率的特性外
但提供雙工的選擇, 確實可以帶給廠商與消費者非常大的便利性

Nordic nRF51822
  • 單晶片, 高靈活性, 2.4GHz 多協定設備
  • 32 位元 ARM Cortex M0 CPU 核心
  • 256KB flash 16KB RAM
  • 支援 S110 藍牙低功耗協定堆疊
  • S110 需要 80 kB 記憶體空間
  • 執行緒安全性和執行階段保護
  • 事件驅動 API
  • 與 nRF24L 系列無線相容
  • 3 種資料率 (2Mbps/1Mbps/250kbps)
  • +4dBm 輸出功率
  • -92.5dBm 敏感度、藍牙低功耗
  • 針對最大化電源效率應用和程式碼簡化需求的 PPI 系統
  • 具備對每個周邊產品進行電源自動管理功能的靈活電源管理系統
  • 用於類比和數位 I/O 的可設定 I/O 映射

  • 行動電話配件
  • PC 周邊產品
  • 消費電子 (CE) 遙控器
  • 近接感應/警報感測器
  • 運動、健身和醫療保健感測器
  • 智慧 RF 標記
  • 玩具和電子遊戲
  • 智慧家用設備
  • 工業和商用感測器

勁達國際電子有限公司(Raytac Corporation)
BT4.0模組 Based on Nordic nRF51822 Solution

<勁達國際電子>藍牙4.0(BT4.0) 模組榮獲原廠(Nordic) 承認為第三方模組供應商

勁達國際電子位於新北市中和區 , 為一專業提供無線產品解決方案供應商
公司2004年成立至今, 已是現今國內外最有信譽的無線方案專業團隊

以Nordic nRF51822 與 nRF51422為基礎

現已開發出現市場上最微型尺寸之藍牙4.0模組 (18mm x10mm)
該模組雖使用陶瓷天線Chip Antenna 卻能比印刷天線 Printed Antenna有更好的效率

陶瓷天線 Antenna Pattern


勁達國際電子BT4.0模組現已通過BQB EPL認證,
(本BLE模組是以模組形式通過認證, 所以必須上鐵蓋shielding)

此模組現已正式量產供應 (128k /256k)

Tel: 02-3234-0208