Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Raytac Released The Smallest BT4.0 Module Based On Nordic nRF51822 &nRF51422 Solution

2018/12/1 Information Updated

1.Raytac MDBT40 Series Module (Nordic nRF51 Solution) BT4.2 Certification Granted

2. Bluetooth SIG Announces Deprecation and Withdraw of Legacy Bluetooth Core Spec Version

2014/1/14 Article:

The compact size of BT4.0 module (BLE module) is critical for wearing items.

Raytac Released the smallest module today
Thus, the BT4.0 Module family has become completed


MDBT40 Mini

MDBT40 Nano

1. Item MDBT40
Regular small size with 10mm x 18mm (already the smallest in the world)
It equipped the chip antenna, shielding case
The advantage is that customer does not need to pay FCC and Telec application as it already granted.

2. Item MDBT40 Mini
Mini Size: 8mm x 12 mm
It equipped the chip antenna, no shielding case attached

3. Item MDBT40 Nano
Nano Size: 8mm x 8.6mm
No antenna and shielding case attached.
(Raytac can help customer to design the printed antenna in order to remain high performance of RF)

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