Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nordic nRF51822 BLE/BT4.0 (Part No.: MDBT40) Profile and Service Information

Nordic nRF51822 Profile & Service Support

Profile: HID over GATT 
Adopted Service
1. HID
2. Battery
3. Device Information

Profile: Heart Rate Monitor
Adopted Service
1. Heart Rate
2. Device Information

Profile: Proximity
Adopted Service
1. Link Loss
2. Immediate Alert
3.TX Power

Profile: Blood Pressure
Adopted Service
1. Blood Pressure

Profile: Health Thermometer
Adopted Service
1. Health Thermometer

Profile: Glucose
Adopted Service
1. Glucose

Profile: Phone Alert Status
Adopted Service
1. Phone Alert Status

Profile: Time
Adopted Service
1. Current Time
2. Next DST Change
3. Reference Time Update

Profile: Find Me
Adopted Service
1. Immediate Alert

Profile: Cycling Speed and Cadence
Adopted Service
1. Cycling Speed and Cadence
2. Device Information

Profile: Running Speed and Cadence
Adopted Service
1. Running Speed and Cadence
2. Device Informaiton

Raytac Corporation

Monday, August 19, 2013

BT4.0 (BLE)+RF Singlel Mode Module Dimension (Part No.: MDBT40)

Raytac released BT/RF dual module based on Nordic nRF51822

IC versions: 128k & 256k

Dimension: L18mm(max) x W10mm (max) x H3.2mm(max)